Upstate New York

Bio: I am a writer and published author. (Novel: "Standing Stone".) Photographer and blogger. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, local history and reading. I live in the Adirondacks of NYS.

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5 comments on “About

  1. denise says:

    I believe that your parents bought this house huge Queen Ann in Owego, NY from Rose Somers Fancher and Leslie Fancher.She was my great aunt…( my grandfather Howard Somers sister)


  2. Liar. You just posted about how you don’t want to get your new hiking boots dirty. No hiker in his right mind would confess such a detestable sin. I say we gang up on you, bind your ankles, and roll you down a mud bank until you’re ready for the trail.


    • patrickjegan says:

      Clearly you live on Long Island somewhere…perhaps Great Neck? I’ve rolled down more mud banks before breakfast that I could possibly remember…years before you were born. So, follow me on wordpress and pretend to like what I write. I could use the numbers and the advice.


      • I’ve been to Long Island but I left as soon as possible. Too many mountains in Colorado to climb. Like, 23 of them. Like, twenty years ago. Bite me, Spotless Boot Boy. 😉


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