The Bearded Man Beholds The Autumn


[Photo is mine.]

He sits on the front deck of his home. Despite recent chilly weather, this particular Wednesday proved to be mild…even warm. He has spent the last half-hour watching a red squirrel scurry about a pile of chipped wood. Doubtless, this is to be his winter den.

The bearded man is sitting like countless other men and women like him. He spends his idle hours either writing or thinking of odd topics to comment on. At the moment, he is musing on the science that explains the breakdown of the Chlorophyll that is necessary for the tree to reveal the true color of it’s leaves.

[Photo is mine.]

He scratches the whiskers on his cheek. He is fully aware that before he can say Blitzen all this foliage will be composting beneath two feet of powder-white snow,

The relentless challenges of winter will keep the old man close by the fireplace. He will likely be typing about the awesome beauty of the North Country winter.

Some Sunday afternoon in mid-January he will find himself in the icy garage staring at ski poles and snowshoes. He’ll recall times when pain didn’t accompany a simple walk in the woods.

Soon, he will be sitting in his favorite leather wingback chair. His fingers will linger with the buttons of his treasured L.L Bean plaid flannel shirt

Like many old men who sit and think, he’ll ponder his youth, wonder what happened to his middle years and doubtless dread the future left to him.

Then, without a doubt, he’ll reach for a good book.

[Photo credit: Google search.]

2 comments on “The Bearded Man Beholds The Autumn

  1. paul j.l. hughes says:

    Today’s snow fall was only a harbinger of what is to come. Where is global warming when we need it. Too old and frail to shovel, with his son off to college in Beantown, how will he navigate the 27 steps down to the street? To make the necessary trip to Burke’s to replenish the precious supply of Irish whiskey. Soon the local herd of deer will be devouring his holly bushes. Unsteady in the ice and snow, he will be unable to shoo them away. He can stockpile seed for the chickadees and nuthatches, but is unable to feed the deer. One years, 12 of them took up residence in the back yard for over two weeks.Piles of residue everywhere. At least the bears were asleep. Hopefully a bald eagle or two will circle the lake, outside his window. A flash of brilliance a soon to be decimated again by man made killer pesticides. To quote another more famous bearded man, ” So it goes.” Will he survive to see the spring arrive? Who can know?
    But he will try to it through the season of death to see the rebirth of it all one more time.
    Happy autumn.


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