To All My Blog Followers And Friends

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I just want you to know that I appreciate the “likes” and the “follows” that have made my blogging experience exciting and fulfilling.  But, I’m going to take a hiatus from “pumping out the posts” for a few months.  You deserve to know why.

-I’m still exhausted from the 50 or so posts I published during our 13,000+ mile road trip.  It wore me out more than you can imagine.

-I’m still suffering from the vestiges of viral bronchitis that came on at the end of the trip and hasn’t let me go.

-I am going to spend time working on a collection of Adirondack based ghost stories.  I have ideas, I have titles…I’m just working on the endings.

So, stay with me on Facebook, and stay with me on my blog site.  When I’m back on WordPress with some blogs…I may get a brilliant idea, you never know….you won’t miss a thing.

Follow me on Instagram (patrickadk) and see that I can actually take a picture or two.

Take care and don’t unfriend me…I’ll be back with more and better stuff.

Love to you all……Pat


3 comments on “To All My Blog Followers And Friends

  1. Joanne West says:

    Will not unfriend. Rest. Restore. Come back brilliant again.


  2. paul j.l. hughes says:

    Both good and bad news. We all need a rest. And I dont even write them Best of luck on the ghost stories. Beth believes in ghosts says she has been seeing them lately in our bedroom.. I shoo them away. Gin is good for that.


  3. Hi Pat, it’s Dara. I got your postcard. I’m not online anymore, as you said, but I am writing under my real name. I left the online world to delve into poetry. I had to perfect my craft. It paid off. I’ve been published five times in the past two months. I’m on google plus if you want to see the links to some of my stuff. I just had to take a break. It was becoming monotonous and distracting. I may be back again on wordpress one day but blogger is a bit less distracting, so I may stay there for now. Feel free to take a look around there. I’ll check back on your blog soon. Take care!


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