Waiting For All Hallow’s Eve: II “What Lies Beyond?”


If you walked this path.  If you dared to enter this forest…who would you encounter?  What would you encounter?  Are there leaves on the branches, ever?  Do wildflowers grow along the trail, ever?  Was this photo taken at noon? at midnight?  Are you dreaming? Having a nightmare?  Or are you fully awake, your senses alert and your eyes wide open?  Are you even alive?

If you stop and listen…what do you hear?  Footsteps behind you?  Something beckoning to you from a tree in the middle distance?  If you met anyone (or anything) on this path, what would you say?  What would you be asked?

A word of advice: If you meet a figure with a hooded cloak, face hidden, ugly thin fingers clinging to a scythe…go the other way.  But, having said that, you can go in any direction…for awhile…but he will always be somewhere nearby…waiting for you…waiting for the moment that your name comes to the top of the page of the Book-That-Only-He-Can-See.

In the end, it won’t really matter what you do…

[Revised 9/9/14]

One comment on “Waiting For All Hallow’s Eve: II “What Lies Beyond?”

  1. I would never go if I have a choice.


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