Forever Janis


If you’re busted flat in Baton Rouge…then pull out your harp from your dirty red bandanna…and play the blues, softly.

Pull out your file cabinet and check that your Elvis and Marilyn stamps are safe.  Make room for another lost soul.  Today, the Janis Joplin Forever Stamp is on sale at the Post Office.

Why would you want a sheet of these stamps?  After all, no one mails letters and cards anymore.  It’s all email.  So, shut your computer off (after you read this, of course) and sit down and write a short note or a long letter to someone you love.  Someone, who once felt bad about themselves…like Janis did.  Someone who is lonely…like Janis was.  Someone who has a soul that wants to cry out in pain…like Janis had.  Then peel off the iconic image of this blues/rock legend and affix it to the top right corner of your envelope (in case you forgot).

Then go to a bar and have a shot of Southern Comfort and imagine what Janis would sound like today, at 71 years of age.

Mail the letter.

Then go on with your life…but do not, repeat, do not take another little piece of anyone’s heart!


2 comments on “Forever Janis

  1. Lol I love it. You know what? I just might


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