This Is Not A Blog

Let me say this right from the get go: This bit I’m writing right now is NOT A BLOG!

Tonight we had a dinner party to say good-bye to summer.  Now, up here in Northern New York State, saying farewell to August and the warm (read buggy and sweaty) days is to say hello to the “other season.”  It will be beautiful here for about two and a half days when the Autumn foliage is at its peak.  Then it’s winter and winter up here is the reverse of the Christian hell.  It will get cold, very cold until about mid-June.

Our party tonight took place three days after a review was printed in the newspaper.  The writer said some pretty interesting things about the last of my three books.  The buzz at the table was all about me and the review.  They all knew that I had had some moderate success with several blogs on WordPress.  I think I had about seven views.  Very impressive, if I do say so myself.

Everyone was telling stories about interesting and unusual happenings in their lives.  After the laughter trailed off, someone would say: “That would be a great blog, Patrick.”

I shared something about my father and his quirky personality.

“Ha, ha,” our guests would say.  “Patrick, that would make a great blog.”  I kept saying to myself, I’m not blogging about this.  Later I would say to myself, I’m not blogging about that.

My son Brian’s girlfriend, Kristin, told a funny story about going to a Mets game.

“Hey, Patrick, that would be a great blog.”  My wife mentioned nutty things she had encountered at work.  “Very funny, Mariam, what a nice blog that would make.

I’m not going to blog about that.  I had other ideas that were in a whole other place.  I mentioned that and they all laughed and said it would make an interesting blog.

I’m not going to blog about the blogging comments.  No way.

So, the evening ended and everyone left except for my son and his girlfriend.  They were staying for the weekend.  I was worried that my son and Kristin would return to New York City thinking that all I did was blog.  I tried to assure them that those stories at dinner were in no way going to be blogged.  I can come up my own ideas, I’m a good writer, after all.  Just read the review.

So this posting is about an enjoyable evening spent with great friends and family.  I would not steal any of their stories and turn them into a blog for my own use.  I do have principles, after all.  Some day I’ll blog about those principles, maybe.

But this is a simple story about a dinner party.

This not a blog!Image

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